here we go!

remember to tweet #welovedanneel as much as possible! let’s get this trending!

10 minutes!

remember to tweet support for danneel — our hashtag is going to be “#welovedanneel”!

lokimercer wondered:
would that be 2am UK time?

i believe so! the uk is 8 hours ahead of pst, so yes. 2am gmt!

6 pm pst! (9pm est) sorry for not clarifying <3 

looks like the haters are acting up again

so shall we maybe try to trend “#welovedanneel” again on twitter at around 6pm pst (9pm est) tonight? :)


I like your face ♦ Danneel Ackles

“I love calves. They’re the most beautiful body part. I may be borderline obsessed with them. On everybody.”